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  • Shelbi Baker

Review: "Love Me (Like I Want)" - President Street

Love Me (Like I Want) by President Street

President Street's latest single, "Love Me (Like I Want)" is an incredibly catchy pop tune that playfully reflects the stresses of modern dating in the age of social media and hookup culture. It seems like dates are becoming less and less meaningful as apps like Tinder have become the norm. This casual culture can get exhausting for those looking for something more serious. "Love Me" expands on that thought with passionate lyrics set to a nostalgic pop tune reminiscent of something straight out of the 90s or early 2000s. This track is deceptively clever, as it both pokes fun at the modern dating scene and takes us back to a simpler time.

From a musical perspective, this song brings the same energy as artists like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Dream. The vocals are luscious and full of artistic runs and adlibs. Underneath lies iconic synthetic drums and classic pads and keys. The mixture of heavy reverb and delay on the track is unbelievably reminiscent of the CD era. Something I really like about this song though is the subtle modern elements. At the beginning of the song, we hear the sound of a smartphone notification. It's easy to miss, but it's so clever like an Easter egg. It truly shows the amount of detail that can go into a pop song that might otherwise seem simple on the surface.

President Street is a Melbourne and Perth, Australia-based pop duo that specializes in writing infectiously catchy pop hits with meaningful lyrics. The duo's vocalist Ruby and instrumentalist, Pete combine their talents to create bright, unique works of art. Named after the street that Pete grew up on, President Street debuted on Spotify in 2015 with the release of their EP, "Involuntary Actions". Since then, they have found success not only in Australia, but in the UK pop music scene as well, having been featured on 130 radio stations and BBC The Beat. The duo boasts 3 chart-topping hits on the Official UK Music Week Charts and a very successful UK tour. It seems the group is on the up and up and for good reason. "Love Me (Like I Want)" is a great creative track available on all streaming services and I highly recommend you check it out!

Written By Shelbi Baker


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