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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Love to Hate" - Sumner Stroh

Sumner Stroh releases her first single that is an undeniable hot girl summer anthem. “Love to Hate” is about taking the power back in your own life, and letting the naysayers and cynics drive you to be unapologetically yourself. People will frivolously drag you through the mud with sharp tongues and no pause for repercussions, and that negativity and attention can ultimately make you or break you. Rather than taking it on the chin and letting the world dictate your self-worth and character, get loud, stop apologizing for being who you are, stay true and authentic to the person in the mirror, and pity the folks who spend their days with the permanent stain of your name on their lips. Sumner is in her “baddie era,” and wants her followers to emulate this care-free feeling of living unashamed and letting the haters be her greatest motivators. You may not agree with everything she does, but the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference, so if you’re hating, you’re actually one of her biggest fans.

“Love to Hate” contains everything Sumner has been dying to say, and it’s finally all out there on her terms. Sumner Stroh took the world by storm in 2022 by going viral on TikTok with some controversy. She was ruthlessly shamed on a global scale, and now she’s using that negativity to fuel her fire, and follow her dreams. Stroh took to TikTok to explain that she wanted to be in on the narrative rather than let the mob mentality make her one more causality of cancel culture. This catchy, defiant self-empowerment banger is for all the girls who have felt forced to apologize for just being human and living their lives. We are no longer saying sorry for speaking our truth. Blast this song through your speakers, pour a tall drink, and tune out the critics as you get the last laugh of being confident in who you are and comfortable in the choices that got you here.

Sumner Stroh is a confident, alluring Instagram model from Houston, Texas. She studied business and advertising at UT and has made a living off of her authentic social media presence. Known for her Instagram, OnlyFans, and viral TikTok account, Sumner has been keeping a secret passion all to herself, and she’s finally ready to share it with the world. Sumner has been keeping her singing aspirations private, but she’s tired of letting strangers write her story for her. After a controversy that became front page news, Sumner is releasing her first track in hopes that something good will come from it. She’s taking a public stand against cancel culture and bandwagon bullying. Follow Sumner Stroh below, and stream “Love to Hate” now as you live your most authentic life, and let the opinions of others drive you to the highest realm of success!

Written By Grace Chapman



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