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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "Lovers Game - YDEA

When discussing the idea behind her latest single, "Lovers Game," singer-songwriter YDEA says the song is about "taking back my power." This sentiment flows throughout the track, which is about moving past someone who does not treat you the way you deserve. With its anthemic vocals and instrumentation, the song sounds huge, and its message is even bigger. On "Lovers Game," YDEA promotes self-love and independence. Lines like "Taking back my time / all the love that I left behind" make perfect mantras. The track is not just a stunning ballad but acts as a reminder to the audience to know and value their self-worth.  "Lovers Game" is sonically gorgeous, with lyrics that are inspirational and necessary for listeners everywhere.

One aspect that makes YDEA such a strong artist is her vulnerability. The singer-songwriter crafts such emotional resonance within "Lovers Game." YDEA's vocal performance is a triumph. It is both technically impressive and packs such an emotional punch. The moment she belts, "I'm no longer falling behind / Cause I made up my mind," in particular, is a total high point. The production contributes to the track's evocative nature with its strong bass, dynamic structure, and heavenly background harmonies. Every aspect of "Lovers Game," from its melodies, singing, and of course the lyricism work together perfectly to create such a powerful ballad. 

With only two songs under her belt, YDEA proves to be an artist to look out for. The Danish singer-songwriter started releasing music officially back in 2023 with her debut single, "Forest Fire." "Forest Fire" is another anthemic, emotionally charged ballad with a strong emphasis on lyricism from the artist. YDEA's musical inspirations include Billie Eilish, Joni Mitchell, and Bon Iver, which shines through in her discography. Like those artists, YDEA's sound is based on simplicity and emotional earnestness. Both of her tracks currently hold a combined 3000 streams on Spotify and are available to listen on all streaming platforms now. "Lovers Game" is a strong follow-up single and I can't wait to hear what YDEA has in store next.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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