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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Lovers to Strangers" - Abby Carroll

Going from seeing someone every single day to never talking to them again is a really difficult transition to adjust to. One minute you were saying "I love you" and the next minute came the endless, deafening silence. When you end it with someone who meant that much to you, it's almost like you have to learn who you are as person all over again. But as time goes one, they just become another memory and another face in the crowd. "Lovers to Strangers" by Abby Carroll is an anthem for those who have had to go through this type of break up.

"Lovers to Strangers" is such a dreamy, mesmerizing song. The style is a grand mixture of pop, singer/songwriter, and a Stevie Nicks type of classic. It has one of my favorite hooks out of the many songs that I've listened to this year. The part that really gets me is when she sings "the faces of lovers to strangers, to no one at all". It's flow and groove is just so incredibly flawless. The four things that I look for when deciding whether a song is perfect or not are beautiful vocals, a catchy instrumentation, well-written lyrics, and relatable emotion; and Abby blows all of these categories out of the water with

"Lovers to Strangers".

Abby Carroll is an indie singer/songwriter from Greenville, South Carolina who has been creating her own music since the age of 15. She's inspired by the artist Aimee Mann. She is a Songwriting and Music Business major at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. She released her first single, "For Tonight" in 2019 and since then released five more songs including "Lovers to Strangers" which came out this year. She has already accrued almost 13,000 monthly Spotify listeners, her fan favorite song being "New York" which was her second release in 2019. Abby is one to watch, so make sure to check out more.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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