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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "Loving All the Wrong Things" - Cat Calabrese

Cat Calabrese's newest single, "Loving All the Wrong Things," is a duet co-sung-and-written with fellow artist Romanic. The track is a lowkey, funky earworm of a pop song. Filled with a melodic groove so smooth it's bound to get you to start dancing, yet with lyrics so genuine and authentic that it will likely strike a chord. "Loving All the Wrong Things" is a sweet ballad about hoping this relationship is the real deal. The title is a reference to the idea of ex-partners who were 'the wrong things' for us and how that affects a person before getting into a new relationship. It is a universal concept that we all can relate to, and paired with the irresistible instrumental and vocal performance from Calabrese and Romanic, "Loving All the Wrong Things" is a must-hear.

The lyrics are brilliant in depicting the hesitance of entering a new relationship. It is an experience everyone knows too well, written in a fashion that is authentic. Lyrics like "I'm just afraid to show you the real me" and "Am I overthinking? / Cause this feels like dreaming" showcase the two artists' songwriting prowesses. The way they write emotions is poignant and raw. Not to mention, the vocal chemistry between Cat and Romanic is nothing short of gorgeous. The song structure emphasizes this in having verse one belong to Calabrese, verse two belong to Romanic, and verse three have the two duets. The way their voices harmonize is stunning, and both have such an emphatic vocal delivery that highlights the emotions of the track.

Cat Calabrese is a Cleveland-based singer-songwriter. In just three years, the artist has risen to universal heights. "Quicksand," her debut, collaborated with the same producer as Machine Gun Kelly, and her star power has only risen from there. Being featured in Rolling Stone, This is 50, and even the Kelly Clarkson show, Cat Calabrese is a name to watch out for. Since Quicksand, Calabrese and her most featured collaborator, DJ London Bridges, have been working on brand-new tracks. Other songs like "At Your Grave," "Psycho Therapy," and "Trauma Queen" are all fun pop bangers with massive success. She currently amasses over 200,000 streams on Spotify and 10,000 monthly listeners. Calabrese's discography, including "Loving All the Wrong Things," is available to stream now.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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