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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Lying" - Catlea

Cheating in relationships is the biggest betrayal ever. It shatters the trust between you two, and leaves a scar on the person that was cheated on forever. The dynamic between you two is never the same whether you try to push past it and try again, separate and decide to become just friends, or never see each other again. The feelings, connection, conversations, everything. What was once a loving, strong relationship with genuine feelings, turns into damage by such deceitful actions. But wait! Add that with some lies and narcissistic traits. Now it’s just one big toxic mess. Catlea has taken this exact experience and put it into a song to share with us titled, “Lying.” Catlea’s partner has exhausted them so much with it all that they start to think about how much happier they would be if they cheated too! In fact, their ex was accusing Catlea of cheating, just as they were! How insane is that?

Ready for this rollercoaster ride? Catlea was accused by their cheating, lying and narcissistic partner of cheating as well, but with a best friend. The cheating and narcissistic liar is worried of being cheated on in return? As a result of their actions? What?! Either way, these accusations were not true, but while thinking about it, Catlea realizes that finding another connection, especially with someone as special as a best friend, would put them in a happier space because this relationship they’re currently in is extremely toxic: “I wish I was lying to you about cheating on you with my best friend. Cause if I’m telling the truth, if I’m honest with you, I would be happier with them.” It’s interesting to think about how this super toxic person that's ruining and affecting the relationship between these two, is acting as if they’re innocent and now pointing their finger at Catlea to blame. Catlea even calls it out, saying that their partner acts as if they’re such an “angel” when they’re the complete opposite actually: “Don’t get closer ‘angel.’ Where’s your plastic halo? It’s real? If you say so.” As for the elements of the song, I love how mysterious it first sounds. The beat is also catchy, with an energetic groove that has me swaying along to the rhythm. As the track progresses, the electric guitar and Catlea’s vocals intensify, becoming powerful and intensifying the singers presence.

Catlea is an indie-alternative/pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Cincinnati, Ohio. The singer can play the piano, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar and ukulele. I love how their music style is diverse, covering a spectrum from alternative-indie, to pop, rock and EDM. How cool! Coming soon is an album titled, “Language Barrier,” and “Lying” is the 2nd track released that’s going to be on there. The 1st track is “Like Me,” which was released back in September 2023. This track currently has over 1 million streams across all platforms and the music video has 160,000 views on Youtube. Catlea has spent 3 years working on this upcoming album, from writing, to producing and perfecting all 10 new alternative-indie tracks. They also got to work closer with producer Jason Boshoff, who has also worked with renowned artist Ed Sheeran. I’m so excited for this album and can’t wait to hear more from Catlea! Keep up with the singer by clicking on the social media links below, and check out “Lying,” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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