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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "MABY"- Joey Paradis

Joey Paradis' newest single is one pop song you don’t wanna miss out on. Known for mixing his bass-driven dance music, DJ and Producer Joey Paradis released his new single “MABY” featuring singer and songwriter Otto Palmborg. Listeners can pick up on his unique sound of deep disco elements in this new electronic pop song. Joey’s got a fun song on his hands that makes you just wanna get up, move around, and get lost in. Which is something that I learned this artist does really well, in other songs too. “MABY” was released this November and has already climbed its way to Joey’s top song on Spotify. In a little under a month, it’s been streamed thousands of times since its release. Following his single “I Like it”, “MABY” is now the 3rd single we got from Joey this year. I can envision this upbeat track being played on a Friday night during an evening out with friends. I can picture it blasting on the radio during a late-night drive home, and also inside a club with many people dancing to its catchy beat.

Joey and Otto teaming up on a song together was nothing short of greatness. Bringing their decades of experience together it was no wonder they came out with a song like this. Otto’s soothing vocals and Joey’s infectious beats when combined make for everything you could want and need from a dance-pop track. Joey knows how to make music for large crowds and for those late-night hours, and that's exactly what you get here. "MABY" Is a song that while listening, makes the night last forever. The song kicks off with high energy through a catchy drum melody and amplified vocals that leave you wanting more. Then we reach an explosive chorus with powerful synths surrounding it. From the melody, lyrics, and arrangement, when producing this song these artists knew exactly what they were doing. "MABY" highlights their different skills and this is one collaboration you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Joey Paradis is a DJ and Producer based in Los Angeles. He often describes himself as an Electronica Sound Shaper and Deep Jackin House D.J. With a style that has been described as “Sounds best heard after midnight” and “Festival Oriented”, Joey is an artist to look out for. His fans call him the Wizard, a name rightfully given to him for his specialized talents in fusing different types of electronica styles. When you listen to Joey you don’t just get one type of sound from him. His hybrid mixes make him stand out as an artist. Currently, Joey has over 1,000 Monthly listeners and over 100,000 streams collectively on Spotify. He has an impressive discography on display that he has been building since 2015. Since then, the artist has released countless singles (Over 20 singles including remixes) and his debut album titled “OtherSide" in 2019. Joey’s music is constantly being discovered on Spotify on playlists like “New Music Electro Pop” “Weekly Hits” and “Best Hits”, which feature top hits and viral charts from genres like EDM, Pop, House, Trap, and more.

Written By Jenna Barton



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