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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Made For (feat. RUNN)" - Hoang x nøll

It’s easy to lose yourself as the world slowly turns, forgetting who you truly are when you’ve become something unrecognizable after chasing down your dreams for so long. Hoang, in collaboration with nøll and featuring RUNN, showcases this exact feeling in “Made For.” Pinpointing the ennui that comes from doubting yourself is hard, but it's even harder to put it into words; in the form of electro-pop and heavy synth, you can instead hear and feel the longing and melancholy of existentialism in “Made For." It’s a comfort, though, to know you’re not the only one struggling with realizing who you are.

The beat in “Made For” is so strong, really forming the backbone of the song. It’s a collection of synth and pining strings; there’s a particularly beautiful part of the song that coincides with the lyrics where the strings swell as RUNN sings, “Some days I really don’t know what I’m made for.” The lyrics are yearnful yet somber; “Made For” is all about honing in on that feeling of loss, wondering and wondering what you were made for. There is something searching in the songwriting, reaching out for an intangible thing that we are all trying to grasp at: meaning and self-realization, overcoming your doubts. “Made For” highlights the struggle of this search, “Tell me why I’ve been fighting/If at the end of the day no one knows my name,” but the instrumentals remain upbeat and energetic; in spite of these forlorn lyrics, there is a constant thread of hope that nestles itself in between the somber words of “Made For” and its soundscape.

With over 600,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 36 million streams on his single “Million Days,” Vancouver-based producer and DJ Hoang is a force to be reckoned with in the EDM scene. There isn’t one label that applies to Hoang’s style; through blending genres, he’s created a unique soundscape that can only come from his music– an electronica experience like nothing you’ve ever heard of. Since his debut in 2019, Hoang has produced an impressive discography, as well as having toured 15 cities throughout the US in 2022. As for RUNN, this isn’t her first time working with Hoang, being featured on his 2023 single “People Change,” which has over 400,000 streams on Spotify. She similarly has over 600,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, where her music focuses on dance and pop. nøll, too, has worked with RUNN before, being an electronic producer as well. Although, "Made For" is the first single that Hoang, nøll, and RUNN have all collaborated on together, and it is truly a fantastic blend of EDM talents and vocal genius.

Written By Alexa Leung



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