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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Madonna" - RIIVA

“I’m a victim of your loneliness, what would you say if you knew I’m human?” ‘Madonna’ by RIIVA is a riveting narrative about the impact of projection and unrealistic expectations on your mind. This often happens with comments from strangers. It’s so easy to put people on pedestals these days, and often without realizing you’ve done it. People think they know you, but they don’t “know” you. As a result, they may project their insecurities onto you. To this, RIIVA declares that she “ain’t your Madonna” and refuses to become something she’s not. This is a powerful message. Don’t let others dictate who you are!

RIIVA’s luscious vocals give you permission to adopt this unapologetic, cold demeanor that gives you a serious silver tongue. “Won’t be what you wanna, a misery absorber; learn to read the room, your feelings don’t define my attributes.” The lyrics are filled with witty remarks and counterattacks that show the other person who’s boss! A four on the floor beat blends with bass guitar to create a mysterious vibe that’s also playful. RIIVA wants you to protect your energy and stay true to yourself. Make this your breakout anthem!

German American artist RIIVA has influences ranging from 90s pop icons like Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child to Soul legends like Aretha Franklin. After getting her degree as a singing teacher, she launched her career as part of the German Funk group "#zweiraumsilke." When it comes to writing, her emotions drive her work. She brings you into a space of self-healing with sensual vocals and bold femininity. She’s evocative and imaginative; a marvelous concoction with which to make all kinds of music. With her new mini-EP ‘Madonna’, she speaks on her truest self. Keep an eye out for RIIVA as her story unfolds!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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