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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "Make Me Your Mrs" - Mae Stephens

“If you don’t ask first, Imma make a move.” sings Stephens as she affectionately divulges her love in her mindset concerning their relationship. The song's catchy melody is sure to have the listener singing along in no time. With the release of “Make Me Your Mrs” just in time for Bachelors Day, an Irish tradition in which women propose to men, Stephens is ready to tie the knot and letting her love know. Stephens’ soulful voice is simply stunning as she takes a firm but heartfelt stand on her relationship status.  However, if you haven’t quite made it to that phase of your relationship, Stephens says that the song can also be inspiration to finally ask someone out that you’ve had your eyes on for quite some time. In any event, Stephens instructs the listener to "Do it" as far as taking risks and chances, betting it all on love or even like. This song is empowering in that it gives the listener the encouragement they need to take control of their love lives.

In the great year of 2024, women proposing to men is no longer necessarily seen as taboo, but it is still rare to find. In this song, we find Stephens singing about making her relationship completely official with her beau and her popping the question to him, stating “You know I love you, Yeah I’ll admit it, so why the fuck can’t you just make me your Mrs.?” One always wonders if their relationship will make it to the ultimate step of marriage. Stephens sings about feeling ready on her end to take the plunge, but she inquires about her beau’s take on it all and if he plans on popping the big question soon. “You’re crazy, but that’s what makes it so easy.” She speaks of her partner’s quirkiness and how it’s what draws her to him, something a person deeply in love or who has ever been deeply in love can fully understand. “I understand you; you’re waiting for the perfect time. Candles and roses, but I just wanna make you mine.” Stephens makes it clear that she doesn’t need all of the hoopla and simply wants the commitment of all commitments from her beau.

Mae Stephens, whose birth name is Anna Mae Kelly, is a 20 -year-old singer/songwriter from the UK. Stephens credits Queen’s Freddie Mercury as one of her biggest musical influences. Stephens’ music is described as colourful funk-pop and 2023 saw Stephens’ career take off with the success of her single “If We Ever Broke Up” on TikTok, making her a viral sensation and crowning her one of VEVO’s 2024 “Artists to Watch”. Stephens, who has been writing since the age of 12, recently played her first headline show at Colours Hoxton in London. She currently has over 9,000,000 monthly Spotify listeners, over 378,000 followers on Tik Tok, over 137,000 followers on Instagram, over 7,000 followers on Facebook, and over 560 followers on Twitter. With songs such as "If We Ever Broke Up", "ADHD" and now "Make Me Yours Mrs", Stephens is an artist to watch indeed! Follow Stephens along on what I’m sure will be an amazing career at her socials below!

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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