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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "Make The Most Of It" - Sarah Gray

There are just about a million and a half cliches about life and how to get through it. ‘Smell the roses’, ‘work hard, play hard’, ‘treat people how you would like to be treated’, the list goes on. Whatever it is that you settle on to get you through the day, ‘make the most of it’ is certainly one of the most common and most applicable. Sarah Gray’s latest single “Make The Most Of It” details this feeling (as you would guess), and puts the complicated stressors of young adult life into intricate lyrics paired with an emotive and melancholic soundscape. The song itself feels like growing up, childhood nostalgia, and finding your footing all in one, and Gray perfectly encapsulates the feeling of needing to make the most of it in order to rationalize the negatives in life.

Gray has stated that this song “quite literally fell out of her” on a trip in Salt Lake City, Utah, after she spent the time struggling to appreciate the little things about life and staying in the present. This song serves as a reminder to both her and her listeners that sometimes it is okay to just accept the things you are given in life, instead of needing it to be perfect. Gray’s lyrics describe this, as she throws in different classic cliches as well as the titular line. Her chorus is a perfect illustration of this skill, as she sings “Taking it day by day / Things don’t stay the same / It’s harder than I’ll admit / I guess I’ll make the most of it”. She vows to let life come at her slowly, and to appreciate the moments she is given. My personal favorite part of this song is the bridge, where the instrumentals come to a pinnacle moment of her repeating “Taking a step forward” over and over, with a beautiful soundscape.

Born in the city of Philadelphia, Sarah Gray is now based in Nashville, TN. Her music settles right into the blooming genre of female singer-songwriters making vulnerable and emotional music to pair with their sonically gifted voices. She only has two singles, including “Make The Most Of It” on Spotify, and yet has almost 2,000 monthly listeners. Her other single, “Jeans”, discusses Gray’s issues with body image, a completely raw and real issue so many young adults struggle with. She has a way with her words, and truly is going to go far in this industry. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more music from Sarah Gray.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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