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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Make You Mine" - Madison Beer

Madison Beer has kicked off her 2024 year of music with an impressive bang. Her latest single, “Make You Mine”, is an infectious pop anthem designed to be played on repeat. While the singer’s previous album, Silence Between Songs, contained more melancholic ballads, her newest release is a stark difference from the 2023 project. Instead, “Make You Mine” is an upbeat, optimistic track about taking chances with romance and letting yourself give in to your desires. Released right in time for Valentine's Day, Beer proves she knows how to write a catchy love song while maintaining her iconic soulful vocal style. In the chorus, Beer emphasizes her passion for her partner by utilizing earworm phrases like “I want to feel the rush” and “I wanna taste the crush,” leading up to the hook: “I wanna make you mine.” However, my favorite line is found in the second verse as the artist sings: “Are you dreamin?// Now I got you up// Would you look at us? Fantasy to life// And I’m screamin’, screamin’.” With these lyrics, she emphasizes that this feels like a fairytale romance that can only exist in her wildest dreams. But in actuality, it is very real, and she is overwhelmed with joy. With the jovial lyrics and energetic production, “Make You Mine” deserves to be topping every pop music chart.

"Make You Mine" has all the right elements for an irresistible pop hit, from Beer's compelling voice to the electrifying production. The song begins with solely the vocals using a sound effect that emulates a broken record, as Beer sings the beginning phrases of each line of the chorus. This intro instantly catches the listeners attention while foreshadowing the peak of the track. The unique effect paired with the looped phrases may represent the habitual nature of Beer confessing these feelings to her partner, repeated so often that it's like a broken record. This is a clever component to the production, starting the song off by highlighting Beer’s remarkable talent. As she sings through these lyrics a second time, the synth bass is subtly introduced while higher synth waves lull the listener into the ethereal atmosphere. The first verse introduces the percussion and a faint ticking sound, as the bass synth continues. In the pre-chorus, the percussion becomes more prevalent while the four-note descending arpeggios that form the melody make their first appearance. The chorus has an escalating structure that builds on the dynamic of the track, starting with the arpeggios. As the song progresses, the production introduces additional vocal layers, then harmonizing vocals, and then an added percussion. By the end of the chorus, the song reaches the full production with each additional component of the soundscape introduced. This production maintains through the post-chorus while the broken-record effect of the intro returns. The refrain transitions into the second verse, where the production of the first returns with additional vocal harmonies. When the chorus returns, Beer utilizes the higher register of her voice to showcase her impressive range. The song ends with a subtle refrain before the track closes with just the harmonized hook. This meticulous and dynamic production heard throughout “Make You Mine” is the perfect introduction into her new era of music.

Madison Beer is a singer, songwriter, producer, and author from New York. In 2018, she independently released her debut EP, As She Pleases. The song included her hit song, “Home With You,” which peaked at #22 on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 chart and earned her the title of the only independent solo female artist on the chart. After the massive independent success that proved her undeniable talent, she signed with Epic Records in 2019. Then in 2021, she released her debut full-length album, Life Support. Beer has received immense praise from top tastemakers in the music industry, such as Billboard, V Magazine, Nylon, and NME. “Make You Mine” is the singer’s first new track since the release of her 2023 sophomore album, Silence Between Songs. This album earned Beer her first Grammy Award nomination for Best Immersive Album. Additionally, 2023 was the year she released her memoir, The Half of It, which details her life growing up in the spotlight. After her career year, Beer is kicking off 2024 with her highly anticipated The Spinnin’ Tour. Starting on February 24th in Sweden, she will be traveling throughout Europe and North America, wrapping up in Los Angeles on June 13th. Tickets are on sale now, check out her social media and website for details!

Written By Karlee Skipper



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