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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Marathon" - Alex Slay x Clover Jamez

“Marathon” is a pop gem about what it's like to be an artist in today's world. Slay, along with collaborator Clover Jamez, both entrance the audience with catchy melodies, clever hooks, and rising cloud-like production. Being a passionate artist can have a lot of highs and lows. You love doing what you do but at the same time, sometimes you have trouble knowing if it's worth the effort. Being in the music industry is like running a marathon. If you don't push yourself past your limits, how do you win? In this song, Alex speaks to his fellow artists, telling them not to give up. The race is long and hard, but don't forget the love and ambition that put you into this race in the first place.

The song is full of cheerful horns and swinging rhythms. It’s upbeat and lowkey, full of soothing R&B vibes from the almost lo-fi-like guitar chords before transforming to Slay’s measured vocals and Jamez’s groovy verse. The silky smooth vocals pair perfectly with the laid-back guitar and drums, letting Slay and Jamez’s lyrics shine through. You can tell the message of this song is very important to them. The feeling that time just keeps going "on and on and on" but you don't seem to get anywhere is a feeling we've all experienced, but Alex and Clover remind us that we need to appreciate what we've got.

Alex Slay is a nostalgically soulful, yet new age indie RnB artist and performer, blending rootsy and classic melodies with fresh, honest songs to match his free-spirited and laid-back deposition. Raised on legends like Stevie Wonder but inspired by modern superstars like Anderson Paak, Alex Slay has slowly introduced the world to his incredible raw talent that’s only enveloped by his precision and dedication to music. Slay has so much more to show, and it’ll be a wild ride watching this young talent take the train all the way up to the top. Clover Jamez (also known as Zee) and Alex Slay are currently based in Nashville. Zee has a diverse variety of influences from Biggie Smalls to Blink 182. He's recently worked on a few TV show's such as Hawaii Five-0 and The Empire. Both of these artists are worth keeping an eye out for!

Written By Megan Cao and Kaitlyn Nicole




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