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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Marrow" - The Trusted

There’s something about The Trusted that perfectly captures the nostalgic feeling of listening to Britpop for the first time. It’s a style that’s so reminiscent of the late 90s and early 2000s British alt-rock that has been heavily influential to the modern-day music scene. The Trusted’s latest single, “Marrow,” is a take on the kind of love that is insatiable, and makes a person go crazy with obsession. Even with lyrics of strong pining, the song is high energy and entertaining enough to be the opening track of a film. "Marrow" is certainly addictive and creates an atmospheric feeling of being both pained and joyous over love. It’s that strange and universal feeling of having a crush where you feel excited over a new prospect, but still feel silly and distressed over the situation. It’s the complex array of emotions that come with love and The Trusted have perfectly captured it in the form of song. “Marrow” by The Trusted is very deserving of your attention as listening to it is such a wonderful experience.

The opening piano riff has a Beatles appeal to it and it’s a great way to introduce listeners to the song. The melody quickly gets stuck in your head and produces a warm energy that enjoyably contrasts the lyrical content. The lead singer’s vocals are smooth and carry a lot of the emotional weight in this track. While the chorus is a quick experience, it still is very catchy and fun, all while making sure to display the emotional disarray in the lyrics. The production on “Marrow” is what really shapes the brightness that gushes out of the song, particularly during the chorus. Credit should also be given to percussion on this track as it stays consistent and engaging throughout the song. Interestingly, the band doesn’t specialize in love songs however they captured completely devoted desire so well on “Marrow” and it makes me wonder what will come next from the band. “Marrow” is worth the listen and is the perfect gateway into the musical world of The Trusted.

The Trusted is a band from Southend-On-Sea, England that formed while the members were still in secondary school. The band took inspiration from other influential British bands to build their unique style that holds a lot of personality and passion. While listening to The Trusted you can identify the artistic fusion of different genres. The band has received praise from multiple music outlets, including being featured on BBC’s Radio 1, as well as performing on the BBC Introducing live show. The band has also received a lot of traction on TikTok with their song “Millennium” reaching 397,000 plays on the platform. While “Marrow” is a little different from their other songs, it’s still the perfect addition to their catalog that still carries that same passion and artistry you hear in their discography. If you’re looking for a new artist to build the soundtrack to your life, look no further because the Trusted is definitely the band for the job.

Written By Chantal Charles


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