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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "HUSH" - Rhea Raj

In a vibrant and seductive new single, Rhea Raj keeps her listeners at the edge of their seats in preparation for her new album. Raj is known for her ‘girl boss’ energy, and her music elicits confidence and youth, which is exactly the vibe in “HUSH”. Self-released under her own label, Misschief Records, Raj is changing the game for women in the industry, and encourages her listeners to be as powerful as she is. The track feels like the kind of song to be played in a club on the best night of your life- being young and playful with your friends, but also having the element of male attention and sexiness. Picture hair flips and men begging for a chance- what could be better?

The song itself is full of synths and electronic beats, and opens with a sultry whisper of “hush”. Her chorus opens with a statement of confidence, singing “I’m miss temptation / You wanna know / Imagination / Where does it go?” She sings about her self confidence and worth, knowing how much of a catch she is. A personal favorite line of mine is in the middle of the chorus, when she sings “Boy hush / you’re talking too much”, stating her feminist ideals and countering the common theme of men talking over women, especially those they are interested in. Her overall song lyrics and vibe have listeners wondering is the title directed at the men she is hushing, or if it is a “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” vibe.

NY born but currently based in LA, Rhea Raj has almost 170,000 monthly listeners. She has been seen in performances at places such as SXSW and NYFW, and has been plastered on billboards across Times Square in New York City. Her style is similar to that of Dua Lipa and Tate McRae, with influences of pop and a snarky, confident attitude. As an Indian and Sri-Lankan-American singer, she incorporates her roots into her music with a blend of beats found in Indian music and classic American pop music. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more music from Raj, as well as her upcoming album HUNTER, releasing on May 24th.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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