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  • Emylee Herring

Review: "Cowboy" - Lily Meola

Lily Meola dropped her newest release “Cowboy.” She wanted to write a song about Cowboys which is what blessed us with this catchy, soulful pop song. This song is full of pop, country and alternative influence. Lily puts so much depth into her vocal presentation, bringing all of her emotions to life. The percussion and guitar lay so perfectly in the mix and really hammer the soft country feel right on the nail. The cowboy vibe is very trendy right now and Lily Meola gave us the perfect song for it. She took a small concept and turned it into the perfect listen on a sunny summer day.

“Cowboy” holds a deeper message of unrequited love. Lily used her lyrics to tell a story about failed romance where she is left feeling betrayed. She uses cowboy as a metaphor for someone who is always on the run and can’t commit. “Cowboys don’t cry for nothing, got a thing for running,” is the opening line of the chorus that shows how she portrays the person she loved. Lily expresses the lack of empathy they had in their relationship. “You were made for wild and blue, and I was made for missing you,” shows that she misses what they had. I adore how she created this exciting song with vulnerable lyrics that a lot of people can relate to.

Lily was born in Hawaii and quickly found love for music at a young age. She started performing in local venues around the age of 11. Willie Nelson saw her perform and signed her up to tour for him. Lily auditioned for Americas Got Talent in 2022 and got the shining golden buzzer moment from Heidi Klum. She’s had the opportunity to sing with Steven Tyler, Kris Kristenofferson and Sammy Hagar. Lily Meola has had immense success as a singer-songwriter and is only going up from here. She has had amazing opportunities that were well deserved and the future is bright for her. Follow her on all socials to support her and stay up to date with her releases.

Written By Emylee Herring



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