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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Masterpiece" - Asy Saavedra

"Masterpiece" by Asy Saavedra is the self-love anthem of the year. This uniquely crafted song will give you the confidence boost you need when you're feeling down on yourself. As described by Asy, this song gives off 'God Energy.' Wipe away all your insecurities and embrace yourself for who you are. Our flaws and features are what separates us from everyone else in this world. There's no one else out there like you and that's what makes you a masterpiece! Asy wrote this song when she wasn't feeling so great about herself, and now it's her go-to song to sing whenever she needs her spirits lifted. This song has the power to do the same for anyone else who listens to it or decides to sing along. We all need that reminder to be proud of ourselves every once in a while.

"Masterpiece" has a incredibly catchy pop influenced beat that is hard not to dance to. The electronic based instrumentation is abstract and captivating from the second it begins to play. Synth arpeggios and electro-beats fill the galactic themed soundscape. The raw and emotion-filled rhythmic vocals fit in with the alternative vibe that is uniquely Asy Saavedra. The music video gives me a mixture of Lady Gaga and David Bowie with the futuristic and art-pop aesthetics. Asy shows that she authentically herself and she doesn't care what anyone else thinks of her, and she hopes this song will make you feel the same about yourself.

Asy Saavedra is a musician and composer, and is no stranger to music. Before becoming a solo artist, she had written music and toured with her sister in their band Chaos Chaos as well as other collaborations. Her most recent projects include composing the soundtrack for the indie video game, Trover Saves The Universe. She has decided to expand her horizons and showcase her unique talents, releasing her first solo album in the year 2020. Another album is yet to come, so keep up with both Asy's solo and collaborative journeys by following her below.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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