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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Melancholic" - Jagger

Jagger recently released this track titled "Melancholic," a piece expressing the deep sadness that she is enduring. This piece includes lines such as "I'm in your arms but I can't feel your touch" and "Just let me be melancholy" to reveal the level of emptiness inside of her. This song is about letting those grim feelings rise to the surface, and letting go of any pressure you put on yourself to suppress those feelings. It's about that moment right before you decide to give up and when you can no longer feel anything besides this deep depression within you. Jagger brings comfort to her listeners who are going through times so difficult that all they are able to feel is the emotion described in this song. She hopes to connect with listeners who feel this way, and to reassure them that their feelings are valid.

This piece is broken down into a few main aspects, allowing listeners to experience a very beautiful part of this song. The piano keys are given the spotlight out of all the sounds and instruments in the piece. The keys are strong and provide a comforting tone. As is the same with her voice, Jagger has a throaty, airy sound, which allows for this aura of comfort to come through. Especially in the chorus, the background sounds drop off for a moment, allowing her vocals to be showcased. There is deep emotion in the piano keys, her vocals, and the beats that encapsulate the level of sadness Jagger sings about.

Jagger the velvety singer from deeply rooted beginnings in music brings what is seen as the centerpiece of music with a style that is reminiscent 70’s, but with a tone and approach unique to her. Every artist has a start that sparks love for music, and their story is what ultimately influences the art they create. Jagger was just 5 years old when she started singing. The first time she sang a Lady Gaga song for her grandma with a Hannah Montana wig, and pink toy microphone was the moment Jagger came to life as an artist. Singing became a daily occurrence, source of entertainment, and inspiration throughout her childhood summers.

Written By Melina Darlas


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