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  • Mia Chavez

Review: "Melonade" - Mel Senese

A refreshing glass of melonade sounds perfect for this upcoming summer heat and singer Mel serves it fresh in her latest single, "Melonade." Singer Mel Senese blesses our ears this summer with a rocky pop-wave hit that will find you dancing by the poolside with sunglasses, sun, and of course as Mel says it, “Melonade.” With themes of self-love and positivity, Mel's new single is all about letting go of worries and being your best self. “Living every day like I got something to celebrate” is the kind of mantra we all can embrace and Mel happily vocalizes in this feel-good summer hit. Mel declares, “I'm the boss, I'm the CEO,” as she hypes herself up throughout the song. Known for her pop-rock sound and style, Mel does not disappoint with her new single “Melonade,” which will soon become a summer smash. Her voice demands to be heard in this party anthem and soon all listeners will crave a taste of Mel Senese, or in this case, "Melonade."

Stylistically, Melonade is a mixture of sounds and genres weaving together to create an epic pop that pulls from artists like Lizzo and Jesse J. The song begins in a Lizzo-like fashion, with a pull-in beat and empowering lyrics, reminiscent of “About Damn Time” and “Juice.” Mel's tone is also similar to Lizzos in its lively and easygoing attitude. After the first verse, the beat quickly shifts, paying homage to 2000’s rockstars like Avril Lavigne with its edgier rebellious chorus. The chorus is a powerful blend of gritty rock with hard-hitting drums and guitar, creating a sound that complements Mel's lyrics perfectly. In the second verse, Mel raps confidently with quick guitar riffs, telling listeners “I got a line down the street, I'm killing it.” Mel's new single rocks a carefree vibe and urges listeners to simply have fun, living life to the fullest.

“Melonade” is just one of three singles Mel has released this year for eager fans after a 2-year song release hiatus. Other songs include “Be My Lover,” an edgy track alongside “Untouchable” which hints at reggae summer tones. With the release of her latest single, Mel wants her fans to experience her authenticity and learn to love themselves unconditionally. Her music revolves around themes of self-confidence and optimism, which can be seen in her motivational and uplifting singles. Born in Chicago, Mel has long been performing throughout the Midwest and opening for artists like Dorothy and The Veronicas. During the pandemic, she continued to stay committed to her fans through live streaming and keeping in touch weekly as an outlet to perform. Mel has always used her music to inspire others to keep moving forward through everyday struggles with her empowering lyrics of self-love and strength. With more to come on the horizon, Mel tells listeners this is just a taste of what's to come. Check out the links below for more!

Written By Mia Chavez


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