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  • Mia Chavez

Review: "Merry-go-round" - Ann King

Ann King Merry-go-round Cover Art

Dripping with venom and rage, only flames and karma will appease Ann King when her prey is caught within her new single, “Merry-go-round.” Ann King has just removed the knife from her back and is out for blood and retribution which comes in the form of an edgy rager. She therapeutically directs her anger into her songwriting and crafts a dynamic sound. At first glance, King’s song title “Merry-go-round” evokes images of fun carnival rides, carefree laughter, and memorable times with friends. Though “Merry-go-round" is quite the opposite. King has been royally screwed over and is now ready to burn the joyous ride to the ground, to end the ongoing situation. The song is a warning, “I wanna burn it all to the ground / Watch you go down with your merry-go-round / Do it again and I’ll shoot to kill.” King finally sheds light on her side of the story and speaks about a victim only playing at being the victim. “If you dance with the devil / Eventually, you get caught / You threw caution to the wind / You thought I’d keep my mouth shut.” King is ready to tear down any shred of falsity and bares her fangs, turning her single into a rawly authentic piece.

Scorched by her flames and burned by her flame-licked lyrics, "Merry-go-round" takes us on a spin of pinpointed piano keys and bluesy foot-tapping verses. There's something darkly humorous about the beat followed by the snap of fingers as if a sneaky mouse has just been caught by its predatory cat. The lyrics are serious and spoken without any ambiguity, making the song all the more threatening. Spinning her listeners around in a sweeping motion, King uses heavy and deep synthesizing sounds in her chorus, which plays out like a scene from a detective movie. One that is a veiled mystery and a cinematic lyrical narrative. The song ends on a brooding note with electric guitar strums melting into a fading scene, shrouded with haunting vibrations. King displays a darker vengeful voice in "Merry-go-round" which finds its place naturally amongst the deeper ends of the song, comfortably sitting within the darker theme.

Accumulating over 500,00 views on TikTok after only a week since its release, singer-songwriter Ann King is a natural at weaving creative tales within alternative pop and cinematic melodies. Showcasing a raw honesty and mature sound, King pulls her influence from fellow singers like Adele, Taylor Swift, and Kelly Clarkson. With almost 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, King has released two EPs and multiple singles over the past few years, bringing more and more listeners to her page with her unique blend of music. Her hit “It comes and goes” is evidence of this, a single that has collected over half a million streams on Spotify alongside her song “Side effects” which has garnered almost 300,000 listens. Her single “Why can’t I fall in love” was also nominated at the Hollywood Independent Music Awards in LA. A talent from the Netherlands, King has recently been touring with her band across Europe and often captures photos of her travels on her social media. With new music set to be released in the fall of this year, Ann King is well on her way to becoming an even greater force in the music industry.

Written By Mia Chavez


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