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  • Jeffrey Ade

Review: "Mess With My Man" - Presley Tennant

In "Mess With My Man" by Presley Tennant, Tennant warns another woman against pursuing her romantic partner. Tennant clarifies her threats aren't rooted in jealousy. Instead, she's defending a relationship built from hard work and dedication. And while she isn't blind to her partner's attractiveness, Tennant finds no excuse in a woman wanting a taken man. Therefore, Tennant expresses her willingness to fight if the situation calls for it. And in "Mess With My Man," Tennant's performance is convincing that she'd do anything to keep what's hers.

"Mess With My Man" by Presley Tennant spans three minutes and thirty-two seconds, following a simple song structure of Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus-Bridge-Chorus. For a quick intro, the intimate tone of the track is set immediately with snaps, a piano, and a synthesizer. As it transitions into the verse, Tennant's first few words give the audience a taste of her strong vocal presence. In the same breath, Tennant flexes her lyrical talents through the beginning lines, "You're like a fatal hot wire/And you're playing with fire tonight/You got no inhibitions/With an out on a mission state of mind." Through the rest of the song, the production subtly builds, with added background vocals, synth pads, percussion, and more, providing the perfect backdrop for Tennant's progression in vocal performance. By the end of "Mess With My Man," listeners get a glimpse of Tennant's future in the country music scene and the extent she'd go to prove her dominance.

Presley Tennant is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Norco, California. At 16, Tennant competed on The Voice, which allowed her to develop a fanbase and later encouraged her collaboration with producers Kent Wells and Buddy Hyatt to continue pursuing a career in the music industry. Considering the influence of country music in her hometown, Tennant developed her artistry within the genre but with a modern twist. Tennant has been sharing her music on streaming services since 2019, with her most recent release being a six-song project titled "600 Miles." And as of 2022, her following has only increased, opening for musical acts like Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Tim Mcgraw, and more. At her young age and with the successes she's had thus far, Presley Tennant is only beginning her journey to becoming a face for this generation's country music scene.

Written By Jeffrey Ade



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