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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "Messy" - Holly Wild

It can be hard to let your guard down for anyone, whether it be a lover, a friend, or someone new. That feeling of being vulnerable is scary, and something that many people are afraid to do. This feeling is what Holly Wild describes on her sunny new track "Messy." Throughout the track, Wild is trying to get someone she likes to drop their guard as Wild knows it'll be better for both of them in the long run.

The track is a beautiful pop track featuring a bright instrumentation lead by a synth piano, drums, and electric guitar. Wild's voice cuts hard through the production. It has a unique and bright quality, and feels almost effortless over the fun production. The lyrics delve into the topic of feeling unapologetic with a lover. Wild is trying to get this lover to put their walls down, to let them inside where it feels vulnerable, "Tell me what's keeping you up at night // Tell me what's hurting, what makes you cry." Wild is letting them know its safe to put their guard down with her, and that she wants to love all the different sides of them. Even the messy ones, "Hey baby, lets get messy // Wear our hearts on our sleeves // Show me your dark and heavy, it don't scare me // You're strong, but its okay to be weak // Let's get messy." Wild even reveals how she feels on the inside, but how she doesn't want that to dictate the emotion pouring from her now, "I know I'm guilty of it too // I keep things in I know I do // But I wanna show you everything."

Holly Wild is a fresh new pop artist from Australia. "Messy" is Wild's third release of 2022, following the previous singles "Thrill of It" and "Dreams." Wild also released a stream of singles back in 2021 when she made her debut with the single "Love Chooses You." Wild is quickly building her discography, in hopes of dropping her debut album. With huge hooks, and instrumentals that are dance ready, Wild demands to be in your party playlists immediately.

Written By Kyle Stiver



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