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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Mine Forever" - Alicia Lov

Atmospheric and hauntingly eerie, “Mine Forever” is Alicia Lov’s latest release about an obsessive lover that slowly loses their mind with infatuation. In spite of the admittedly twisted undertone, the song is beautifully composed and its lyrics perfectly portray the slow descent into obsession. “Mine Forever” is reminiscent of horror movies with a gentle climb into its scares– more mysterious than actually terrifying, its vibe is delightfully thrilling and intoxicatingly addictive. You’ll find yourself drifting back to its hooky chorus, as ghostly as the song’s feather-light strings, and being enthralled by the quiet tale it weaves in your ears.

“Mine Forever” is the kind of song that struggles against the seams of definition– it is so much more than just a pop, or an alternative, or R&B song. For all intents and purposes, “Mine Forever” is the perfect blend of genre and style, with criminally good songwriting and an excellent soundscape that only builds, and builds, and builds. The instrumentals are fairly sparse, but what is there heightens all that Lov’s vocals do– the light strings and dark synth is a sublime juxtaposition to the song’s brooding tone, yet both are so velvety and mild. And while on the subject of both soundscape and lyrics, at the song’s 1:56 mark comes the bridge, which is by far one of the coolest-sounding bridges I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. Like most of the song, it is also soft, but fades into this crackling static with Lov singing, “Forever/I just love you/Forever '' in the quiet background. The storytelling in “Mine Forever” is unmatched– each verse, chorus, and bridge knit together a picture of the overly-obsessed girlfriend, but its softer tones help create a sense of understanding for her.

Spanish-Canadian singer-songwriter Alicia Lov is known by her unrestrained style, expanding way past the boundaries of what genres may define her as. Infused with pop and R&B and alternative, her music is inspired by the songs she grew up dancing to. And, as a dancer, she was also raised with an appreciation for the fine arts, and plans to grow alongside her musical career as a dancer as well. Her debut single “Criminal” dropped in 2020, which was followed by her 2021 single “Magnetic”; both are emotional retellings of her own journeys. From then, she’s continued to drop singles up until now; her most recent single is “Mine Forever.” Stream "Mine Forever" and be amazed by its superb storytelling and chillingly thrilling vibe.

Written By Alexa Leung



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