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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Minute After Minute" (feat. Maiva) - ZAM

“Minute After Minute” by ZAM, featuring Maiva, is an upbeat pop track about the uncertainty of love and the connection you can feel with a person. Sometimes this connection takes a while, or sometimes it happens in an instant, but regardless this connection can be dizzying and confusing. As ZAM sings: “just takes one look to drive me crazy.” You may not know where you stand with this person, or even understand what this person makes you feel, but you feel the strength of that bridge between you and now you just have to decide whether to pursue it or not. That jump can be frightening though, because you don’t know if the other person feels the same way, like ZAM and Maiva sing: “I’m trying to find a sign,” and “I don’t know if you’re in it.” Sometimes all you can do is take the risk, and hope the reward of love is worth the risk.

Mixing a familiar pop sound with a more electronic beat, “Minute After Minute” is a bright and energetic song that keeps the melody simple but danceable throughout the whole track. It starts with an expansive echo of ZAM’s voice singing the chorus before collapsing back into the straightforward first verse. His vocals are layered perfectly over a lilting electronic melody that keeps the tension rising as the song heads toward the chorus. The chorus is vivid and fun and has catchy lyrics that keep the groove of the song going before dipping back down for Maiva’s verse. The melody has more fluidity for her verse, matching her smooth vocals, but bounces back for another rhythmic rendition of the chorus and bridge. Overall in this song, Maiva’s and ZAM’s voices are well balanced with the glittering instrumentals, creating an engaging track that demands to be played again!

ZAM is a pop songwriter and singer based out of Germany. With a sound compared to other artists such as Ed Sheeran and QuinnXCII, ZAM has created a distinct mark with his music, touching on the familiar and popular while adding his own touch. He released his first single, “Ocean,” in August of 2022, and has followed that up with “Over U & I” in September of this year and now with his new song “Minute After Minute.” This song features Maiva, another pop artist from Germany, whose electro-pop sound - inspired by artists like Dua Lipa - compliments ZAM’s more chill melodies. Follow both artists through the links below to listen to more of their music and see what else they’re releasing soon!

Written By Morgan Fischer




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