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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Misbehave" - RAGS AND RICHES

“Misbehave” is an alternative-pop summer anthem that explores what makes a certain girl sweetly addictive. This girl you’ve always known has quirks and attributes sprinkled with pop culture references that tie her up in a Barbie pink bow. She stands out among the rest even when you are not searching for her. Her appearance is magnetic and you can’t help but attribute her silly gestures and demeanors to things you already know. You’ve always known her but as time goes on, the spark between you two burns brighter and brighter. Every movement she makes and small gesture she shows alters your mindset. You want to do more, to rebel a little bit, as she takes over your every thought. She dances more, moves more, acts out more and you feel yourself being pulled in.

“Misbehave” is a sickly-sweet-sounding pop hit that intertwines sugary lyrics and pop culture references with an upbeat instrumental and melody. With almost every proclamation of admiration for this mystery girl, a popular cultural reference highlights just how special she is to the singer. She looks and seems so perfect that she’s like a Barbie to everyone. The upbeat tempo of this single really encapsulates just how giddy with admiration the narrator is. A true sign of a summer anthem is just how easy-listening it is. While listening, one can imagine themselves getting lost with a girl and the overwhelming excitement that can cause. It’s easy to get swept away by all the shimmering aspects that make this an infectious hit.

RAGS AND RICHES is a singer-songwriter brother due originating from Lexington, Kentucky. The pair have built up an impressive touring resume across the few years of their musical career. They have performed over 200 shows across 40 US states and have built a respectable following within the music scene. But home is where the heart is, and their home-city of Lexington has honored them with two Lexington music awards for Pop Artist of The Year and Song of The Year. It was hardly a shock when their debut album, Always Gold, received over 1.4 million streams in its first week. Their social media presence has skyrocketed due to their actively engaging with their high following. Make sure to follow them on social media and give “Misbehave” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray


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