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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Miss Somebody" - Jenny Kern

We all go through the motions of being human-- from loving, losing, and feeling the heartbreak from letting us fall freely into our emotions. The good parts of life are just as important as the bad, and as we grow older, we only learn to appreciate them for what they lead us to. We reminisce on the good times between the bad, letting time dull how strong our emotions were in the moment, and let us remember the special moments that meant the world to us. With this new release titled "Miss Somebody" by Jenny Kern, we can see as she understands the importance of having and reliving these moments, learning from them but trying to move past them to live in her present. It's okay to feel what we once felt; it's part of what made us get to where we are now.

We all know what it's like to miss somebody. Whether it's family, friends, or someone we once loved--we can't help but have them come to mind occasionally, making us think of what it would be like if they were here, "you're on my mind, just like nothing's changed," Kern explains. With the track "Miss Somebody", Jenny Kern delves into the memory of a past love, stating, "it's really nice to miss somebody" because memories are a part of us all, and it's comforting to know what we've conquered and lived through, good and bad. "I guess I never really walked away" she states, because most of the time, we don't. Our experiences are always with us, our minds only storing them away to use as knowledge for the future. With this indie-pop sound, the meaning finds its home and circles around our heads with a dreamy melody to stick in our minds.

This Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, Jenny Kern, finds her sound within a dreamy indie-pop sphere. She's emotionally captivating listeners with her vocals and meaningful tracks, establishing herself as a passionate and talented musician. With her newest track, "Miss Somebody" we can see into her own experiences, wanting to spend the time to look at where she's been to appreciate where she's at--to understand and learn from it all. Her debut single, "Slow Burn" gained global attention in 2019, and since then she has released many more singles and amassed a horde of fans. Jenny Kern is a refreshing artist in the indie scene and is about to set off on her four-stop tour starting October 1st.

Written by Jane Katryn



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