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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Modern Romance" - NEVE

"Modern Romance" by NEVE takes the topic of how relationships aren't how they used to be and turns it into a robust pop-rock conversation. NEVE wrote "Modern Romance" after many a discussion with her friends about their thoughts on how love and romance have changed with the times. There's this lack of sentiment that comes with this new age of dating--the normalization of meeting people online, the ease of access to virtual dates/conversation, and everything else that makes the importance of being face-to-face a little less critical. There's a lack of intimacy and sincerity that romance has now--the movie romance trope of spending days wooing a potential lover fading away.

When talking about this disconnect with modern romance in "Modern Romance" NEVE sings, "I don't know how to love like this/Intimate but through the phone" talking about how this new age of technology might connect us all but removes the intimacy that romance is supposed to have. We're detached yet together, and NEVE perfectly describes that with her lyrics. The pop-rock track is fun, meshing the meaning with drums, guitar, and an electric feel. The track captivates listeners with her vocals and fiery melody, making "Modern Romance" a song fans can dance and relate to.

NEVE is from a small town in the north of Ireland called Holywood, moving to Reading when she started university. The talented singer/songwriter establishes her third single with this release, "Modern Romance". Surprisingly, NEVE started her journey into music by studying musical theatre and going through classical training before finding her way into the pop genre. She's inspired by prominent powerhouse vocalists such as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga--shown within her lyrical prowess and how she's establishing herself as someone to speak out about authentic and hard-hitting topics.

Written by Jane Katryn



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