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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Mood" - Candace Sosa

Candace Sosa’s latest release “Mood” is an upbeat pop piece that focuses on just that, uplifting someone and recognizing those who do it for us. She describes a hesitant allowance of a reunion with this person, but immediately folds. No matter disagreements or personal dignity, emotions, especially those felt amidst these conflicts, are undeniable. A shift in mood for the better, or simply feeling happy around someone, this is what makes them a positive influence over one's life. To chase happiness is the pursuit of a fuller life, and Sosa describes being around this one person as nothing but that. Experiencing new things, being seen, and just being in a generally good “mood”.

The song begins with a series of techno-sounding beats that seem to patter like rain. They continue as Candace begins singing, setting the scene first by describing her attire. The first portion of the song follows this pattern, telling a story. When the subject of the song arrives, the beat remains steady but Sosa’s singing increases its pace rapidly. Describing blushing and nervousness, her own voice seems to indicate the mindset reflected in the song. When she begins to conflict herself, claiming that hesitance to letting this person back into her life, this is when new instrumentals join and conflict the otherwise peaceful tone. She seems to be in an argument with herself through the music, but every time she recognizes a positive memory it ceases into a soft vocalizing. When she completely immerses herself in the uplifting feelings this person causes her, the mood of that vocalizing is reflected in the music and the chorus begins. The most evident example of her theme is a moment after this when the lyric “I’m breaking all my rules” is swiftly interrupted by another rendition of that catchy chorus that sweeps even the listener off their feet. “Mood” intends to recreate the overwhelming joy Sosa feels in the listener, and with her passionate voice and consistently energetic sound, she succeeds.

Candace Sosa, born in Troy Michigan, began experimenting with music at only nine years old when she learned piano, then guitar at eleven. By fourteen she was already the lead singer of a band called “Live The Dash”. She performed around her home state before drifting from performance to a more behind the scenes role- that is, songwriting. Here is where her talent first gained the attention it deserves. Most notably, she’s co-written eight songs with BTS, one of which, “Euphoria”, earned over four hundred million streams and appeared on Billboard charts for eighty weeks. More recently, she’s released twelve singles and has been holding shows for her performances of her original work, “Mood” being the latest of these. Steam it below and follow her socials to stay updated on her incredible journey.

Written By Hailey Schap



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