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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "Morally Grey" - April Jai

April Jai is back with another hit called “Morally Grey.” April said this song is all about “falling in love with morally grey characters.” She starts describing this morally grey guy, and talks about how attractive she finds this guy. She can’t help herself with this guy; she knows “he’s no good for [her],” but she still comes back to him. April says in the chorus that he knows exactly what she likes: “he’s so eager to please/knows the right frequencies/worships me slowly.” Other people tell her that he blurs the line between good and bad, but “grey’s [her] favourite color.” April then goes into detail about his personality in the second verse, saying he is confident, quick-witted, and he keeps her up at night. Because of these traits she sang about in the first and second verses, “all the things that he says/go straight to [her] head.” She then repeats the chorus and ends the song in a techno breakdown. April perfectly describes the emotions of a conflicting relationship, and how you can be drawn to someone even if they’re not good for you.

The production on “Morally Grey'' is perfectly complex. The sound is layered, filled with elements derived from country music and pop music. The acoustic guitar is reminiscent of April’s earlier days of music, while the synths and electronic sounds are inspired by the current pop genre. The synths feel like a deep undercurrent under April’s polished and breathy voice, which makes the verses feel like a bit of a dream sequence, which could allude to the dreamlike fantasies that April has about this guy. The chorus has a fun breakdown with a very strong beat that drives the song. The overall production and vibe really adds to the theme of having conflicting emotions, as the production can shift from mellow to an upbeat pop track.

April Jai is a UK singer and songwriter currently residing in London. Her first release was an EP titled “The Last Goodbye,” but she also does covers of famous songs. Her cover of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” currently has over 14k streams on Spotify. Just like Taylor Swift and Shania Twain, she made the switch from country to pop, and April says that, “fell a little bit out of love with the music [she] was making,” but she felt that, “ [her] songwriting is rooted in the honest, conversational style of songwriting that we see in country music.” Her first big break as a singer-songwriter was her song “It Ends With Us,” inspired by the best-selling novel by Colleen Hover, which has almost 600k streams on Spotify. TikTok is her biggest weapon in promotion, as “It Ends With Us” went viral on the platform. April Jai has been dubbed “The Queen of Sad Songs,” but she continues to innovate in her genre release after release.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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