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  • Casey Hascup

Review: "Muscle Memory" - Christina Munsey

Christina Munsey Muscle Memory Cover Art

North Carolina native Christina Munsey is back with her latest acoustic pop single, "Muscle Memory." This beautiful song delves into the intricacies of relationships which have fallen into autopilot, and it definitely succeeds at pulling at the heartstrings. “Muscle Memory” works to capture the essence of how partners can become so accustomed to each other, they stop trying. Munsey's lyrics poignantly describe the sinking feeling of this realization, with lines like "Your eyes were stuck on mine / And now I never see them." Munsey’s lyrical abilities really shine on this track, her storytelling represents a dreaded shift from passion to routine; and it will be relatable to anyone who has felt the stages of a fading connection. The listener is invited to reflect on their own relationships, contemplating whether familiarity has bred a sense of complacency. In a statement regarding this exciting new song, Munsey says, “I’ve been reworking muscle memory for over a year now. I’ve learned that sometimes you need to take a break from a song to figure out where to take it.” This patience explains Munsey’s ability to allow the song to feel so vulnerable and retrospective.

"Muscle Memory" is a wondrous pop masterpiece which hooks the listener from the very first note. Its instrumentation can only be described as simple, yet impactful. The song opens with warm guitar plucks, setting a tender and emotional tone. Munsey's honeyed vocals, layered over subtle drum beats work to create a haunting, gut-punching soundscape. The song's structure is carefully constructed, with each instrument adding necessary depth and texture. Munsey's beautiful voice, reminiscent of pop icon Taylor Swift, carries the weight of “Muscle Memory” and its emotional message. Its crescendo will surely leave listeners with a lingering sense of introspection.

Christina Munsey's musical journey is just as captivating as her songs. Despite her non-musical upbringing, she found her passion for the art through her father's eclectic taste in music. This exposure to diverse sounds can be credited for her unique style, often blending indie pop with “roots'' singer-songwriter elements. The singer’s versatility is evident in Munsey's recent singles, “burned” and “take them all.” Impressively, Munsey's songs have not only topped Shazam charts internationally, but were also featured in mega popular TV shows like Netflix's "Love is Blind" and Australia's "Home and Away." With her new single "Muscle Memory," and more music on the way, Munsey continues to break the mold. She offers honest and relatable storytelling that resonates deeply with her audience. As she continues to evolve as an artist, you won’t want to miss it. If you loved Christina’s new track “Muscle Memory,” follow her on all social media listed below to keep up to date on all new releases.

Written By Casey Hascup



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