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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "Must Be Nice" - Molly Baker

Overthinking is a subject known all too well, as we are the generation that is pushing social media to the forefront of our lives. The constant back and forth of wondering whether something is perfect, or at least looks it, can be devastating to the mind of anyone. This is the topic of Molly Baker's new single, "Must Be Nice." Throughout the track, Baker laments to us her annoyance with playing tug of war with her mind on whether things are as perfect as they can be.

The track is based around a pretty minimalistic instrumental featuring the sounds of synths, piano, and even a guitar. Throughout the track, a fuzzy almost detuned ringing helps to fill space between phrases. It makes the track feel quirky in a sense. The beauty in the song however, comes from the harmonies that Baker uses at just the right times. They work so well with the vocal that is in the front, and make the song full. The lyrics delve into the idea of overthinking everything you do. For instance, the first line of the song brings this idea of perfectionism to the light, "Covered up my walls in these polaroids // No one has to know that I took 'em twice // The first ones were good, but not good enough to show." Baker even feels this frustration when she's trying to write her lyrics which should come naturally as a musician, "Maybe if I didn't take so much time // Trying to come up with the perfect line." In the chorus, Baker lets us know how she wants to think but it's stuck behind this façade of having to be perfect, "Oh it must be nice, not over thinking // Oh it must be nice letting things be // I wish it was that easy for me." She's longing for a release from her perfectionist mentality.

Molly Baker is an up-and-coming pop artist who has been releasing music independently for the past two years. Her new single, "Must Be Nice" was part of a duo release with track "Dive Right In" following closely. Baker also recently just hit the top ten of aBreak58's playlist with her song "Runaway." The playlist, which is run by iHeartRadio and Live 365, showcases songs from independent artists. Baker is quickly creating a discography that feels like a journal, documenting different stepping stones in her life. Baker has a huge future ahead of her, and this song proves she's ready to take off.

Written By Kyle Stiver



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