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  • Megan Cao

Review: "My Feelings" - Highgroove

“My Feelings” is a soulful ballad that touches upon love’s complexities and emotional depth, achieved by soothing melodies and relatable lyrics. Especially with the breaking of love, it’s hard to let go of the eyes, the flaws no one else sees in their person, the good and the bad times. Highgroove looks at the suffocation on the self when someone is forcibly removed and suddenly you have to learn to live alone again. Highgroove creates and maintains this feeling in his song, haunting his viewers and trying to replace the emptiness inside of them. 

From his pure and sincere style to the poignant lyrics that hit the audience in the heart, Highgroove shows us his promising future from the start of the track. Beginning by characterizing a nostalgic atmosphere, Highgroove then utilizes the instrumental to resonate into the depths of our feelings and untangle complex emotions that we may not have even known that we had. As his gentle voice brings us to a lull, his warm presence captivates us from the first to the last note. By painting the woes of a lost love, Highgroove demonstrates the depths of grief and tragedy for those to understand and relate to. 

Two years ago, Highgroove got the idea of making music. Since then, he’s been hooked, making music like life or death, motivated by betrayal, ostracization, mental depression, and people wanting to hurt him. Though he was hurt, he found an outlet in his music to cope and shrug off the haters, making dark tragedies. Not stopping until he succeeds in the business, the more hate people give Highgroove, the more fire he feels ignited in his chest. Highgroove is determined to stand against the grain and show people that they can succeed even if they’ve been beaten to the ground and told to stay there. 

Written By Megan Cao


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