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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "My Oh My" - Brynja

Icelandic artist Brynja has been serenading her listeners with dreamy vocals and honest lyrics and her latest track, “My Oh My” is no exception. Her listeners can feel the emotions she puts into her music and pours out with every word she sings. Brynja's recent single, “My Oh My” was written during hard times for the artist and showcases her ability to express those real feelings through her music.

Listeners of Brynja may recognize her music more from her folk sound, however, Brynja may have reinvented her sound in "My Oh My". The dreamy track features her same angelic vocals, with an upbeat tempo, and a unique mix of RnB and Pop. Despite an already catchy melody, Bryna's voice alone can leave you hanging on to every word. What stood out is this hard-hitting chorus, “I can’t really make my mind up now cause I am floating and I won’t touch the ground, what if eventually, I don’t come down?" Then we reach the title of the song "Stuck in my head, my oh my”. According to Brynja, she wrote the song during a deep depression. She further expressed how during this time it was hard to know where to start. The artist has said, "I just felt like my heart was speaking a language I didn’t understand”. Brynja uses her emotions and past life experiences to open up on her new track. Her music speaks about overcoming personal challenges in life and a lot of her listeners can relate.

Brynja is a Singer-Songwriter from Iceland. She currently has over 11,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Her latest release, “My Oh My” is a single from her upcoming debut album, “Repeat!”. Brynja has an Impressive discography under her belt and has been discovered on many playlists on Spotify. The upcoming artist has an acoustic and folk music background which can be heard in some of her earlier releases. During that time, the artist was influenced by artists in this genre like Bon Iver and Nick Drake. Now, Brynja's sound is more influenced by R&B, which listeners can pick up on in her latest and upcoming releases. Be on the lookout for Brynja's debut album releasing next month.

Written By Jenna Barton



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