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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Myself" - Keanan Eksteen

Pop newcomer Keanan Eksteen just released his newest single "Myself" on November 24, 2023. The track, produced by Jeremy Farber, is a more stripped down version of punk-rock song that tackles love and pain. While the lyrics are solemn, the upbeat production keeps you engaged and dancing around. The song comes as his third released single of the year, after "CUPID" and "Sing With Me." I had never heard of Keanan Eksteen before this release, but quickly, I was drawn into and dancing along to the track. If you are into indie pop and rock sounds, "Myself" is definitely a new track worth checking out.

Upbeat drum beats and bass line make "Myself" an exciting track that just makes you want to dance. Featuring engaging backing vocals and synths, the song is an effort to make people "absolutely lose themselves," as Eksteen put it. Though the lyrics take on a more somber tone with lines like "Now that you're screaming / I can't even hear myself" and "What I hate to say / Is I love the pain," the song is driven by the fast-paced instrumentation. Eksteen brings about topics of love, hurt, and cyclical patterns in a relationship. The vulnerable, authentic lyricism coupled with exciting melodies had me hooked from the start.

23-year-old, South African singer-songwriter Keanan Eksteen officially released his first track "Dixie Clouds" in 2022. Now, he has earned himself over 11 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. His sound blends old school rock with newer, energetic music. After releasing his six-track EP FOREVER in July 2022, Eksteen set off on a one month long tour across Europe. He also released his debut album Golden Fever earlier this year in July. If you enjoyed "Myself," check out the social media links below and follow the accounts to keep up with all the latest information on Keanan Eksteen and his music.

Written By Sydney Gray



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