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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Narcissist" - Cheska Moore

South London pop artist Cheska Moore just released "Narcissist" as the prelude to her debut EP, Self Loathing Narcissist, that also came out this month. The dark pop anthem explores toxic relationships and when two people bring out the worst in each other, fueling a cycle of blame and projection. The deeply introspective song is a way for Moore to call out this guy and also open up about her own narcissistic and self-loathing tendencies. With light, airy vocals and an ominous synth soundscape, Moore takes on a sound inspired by the likes of Billie Eilish, Melanie Martinez, and Dove Cameron. If you enjoy this track, make sure to check out the rest of Self Loathing Narcissist.

In "Narcissist," Moore explores the dark, toxic side of a relationship with a production that feels just as eerie and dramatic. Here, she boldly reflects on the pain of dating a narcissist with lines like "Self-confessed / Fucking narcissist" and "Villain or misunderstood / Blaming you just like I should." In the depths of this vengeful lyricism, however, she also notices these tendencies within herself and how much she enjoys being part of this cycle. She conveys this with lines like "And I know you're talking 'bout me / just the same" and "I could be your new obsession / Silly boy learn your lesson." With intimate, sultry vocals and intense synth production, Moore has crafted an exceptional alt-pop track that brings listeners deep into the relationship she sings of.

Cheska Moore is a South London-based rising alt-pop artist known for her unfiltered songwriting and complex sound. She brings vulnerability into her work and is not afraid to get explicit, as heard in this recent track, "Narcissist." Debuting in 2019 with her first single, "Boy Who Tried," she has been constantly finding and improving her sound with each release. It is no wonder that five years later, she has already earned over 74 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. You can also also keep up with all the latest information on Cheska Moore and her music by clicking the social media links below.

Written By Sydney Gray



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