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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Neighborhood" - Maja Kristina

Each line of Maja Kristina's latest single, "Neighborhood," feels enveloped in the cold. The atmospheric dreampop production broadens the emotional blows into full-body tremors rather than shivers up the spine. Expressing the grief and soreness in the aftermath of a breakup, "Neighborhood" taps into a collective desire to accept our anguish without finding flimsy silver linings. Even when the production ramps up in the bridge for a climactic finale, the song feels more structurally nebulous than linear. It is a whirlpool—not a tidal wave.

"All the pictures in my mind I keep playing on repeat," Maja Kristina's airy voice opens the second verse. It's this admission that contextualizes the song's direction. Even as time and other people move on, she is caught spinning circles. "You knew everything about me, now we're just strangers on the street" she remarks shortly after: the tracks starkest shadow. Kristina spirals in the limbo between everything changing and nothing at all. After all, she's "right here where you left me." The fog-like synths and sparse keys submerge this state in its depth; Maja Kristina is fossilized in her grief as a meteor strike the earth.

Swedish singer-songwriter, Maja Kristina, comes from a prolific, artistic family. The twenty-four-year-old began releasing music in 2018. In 2021 she released her self-titled EP. It featured six tracks, including two music videos. Beginning music at the age of seven, songwriting became a coping technique and creative outlet for her. "Neighborhood" was written and produced in collaboration with Jörgen Elofssen.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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