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  • Abigail Mornhinweg

Review: "Never Gonna See You Again" - Lottie McLeod

Sitting in an airport daydreaming about the person you were supposed to be sitting with? Lottie McLeod has just the song for you. McLeod wrote “Never Gonna See You Again,” her latest release, about a friend who had experienced a breakup right before a trip they would take with their romantic partners. McLeod, watching her friend throughout the trip, wrote “Never Gonna See You Again” to take place at the airport right before getting on the airplane, with McLeod stating that “as a writer, [she] often reflect[s] on [her] own life and experiences to draw inspiration, but sometimes…[she’s] influenced by the events and relationships around [her].” McLeod writes about this experience with so much thought and empathy that the listener feels like they’re going through it with her.

McLeod sings about what could’ve been with this song, using her friend's perspective to inspire the music. I loved the production of this song–if you’re a fan of Lizzy McAlpine, this song is right up your alley. Its indie production hits in all the right places, with the music starting at a slow tempo and progressively building throughout the song. Not only that, but McLeod’s lyrics are the star of the show for me. I’m especially a fan of the lines “wear me thin, wear me out / where are you now that I need you?” The lyrics and McLeod’s vocals, along with the indie production, lead to a great listening experience that fans of McLeod’s, new and old, will relate to and be able to connect to McLeod on a new level with her storytelling.

Lottie McLeod is an Australian singer-songwriter hailing from Brisbane. McLeod’s other songs, “Happy Birthday” and “Bridge,” have led her to become an acclaimed singer. Winning the Queensland Music Award in the Youth category for the song “Happy Birthday,” McLeod is on her way to making waves in the mainstream. With her songs taking after the likes of singers such as Gracie Abrams and Lizzy McAlpine, McLeod will set waves in the indie and pop scenes. With McLeod loving to perform live and to meet people who resonate with her lyrics, a live experience from her is bound to excel. I can’t wait to see what McLeod has in store for the next step of her career.

Written By Abby Mornhinweg



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