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  • Fatimah Bouri

Review: "Nobody Like U" - Matty Hendley

Nothing quite encapsulates the feeling of being entranced by a stranger than Matty Hendley's "Nobody Like U." When it comes to new infectious, mellow indie pop, this track definitely qualifies as an infectious anthem for lovesick teenagers and anyone who can relate to the song's message. Its rustic yet bewitching qualities make it such an engaging listen from beginning to end.

A summer indie love anthem for the ages, "Nobody Like U" is Matty Hendley's second single similar to the fantastical oeuvres of Conan Gray and Lauv. Adopting shimmering elements of indie pop with a tinge of country embedded with a mesmerizing acoustic banjo, this track oozes charisma and entrances the listener into a summertime symphony of newfound love and infatuation. "The lights come down on you, it's so, so good when you're in the room," chants Hendley, a perfect representation of the song's amorous message. I could picture this song fitting easily in a crisp, coming-of-age indie film, its ambiance is infectiously reminiscent of adolescence.

Matty Hendley is a singer-songwriter based in Nashville who burst onto the scene with his first single, "i feel bad." Prior to his salient solo career, he had been the frontman for indie-folk group, Happy Landing. Following suit with his solo career in 2022, he focuses on the different avenues of love from vulnerability to infatuation while incorporating his indie-pop and indie-folk roots in the instrumentation.

Written By Fatimah Bouri


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