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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Nostalgia" - Nitro X, Mykyl & Logan Martin

Nostalgia is the positive, sentimental feeling we get when we are reminded of things from our past that made us happy. Sometimes those things are just little moments in time that have become core memories for us; like going to the beach for the first time, having your first kiss, or even falling in love. Speaking of love, that's where the song 'Nostalgia' comes in. The collaboration between Nitro X, Mykyl and Logan Martin highlights the outcome we all hope for in a long-term relationship - forever happiness. You need someone who is going to make you feel good, especially if you want to spend your entire life with them. The lyrics detail the little mannerisms that your partner does that can trigger nostalgic feelings, almost like you're falling in love for the first time all over again. Sometimes even just looking into their eyes takes you into a flashback memory of where it all began.

"Nostalgia" is an EDM inspired dance pop track that has a strong bass and beat that you can't resist grooving to. It's part of the collaboration album, Young Pop Renegades Vol. II, which is a project created by singer/songwriter Matthew Parker and consists of collaborations between 13 different artists. "Nostalgia" is track 4 and features perfectly blended pop vocals and an electronic vibe that is perfect for a Summer romance theme song. It's unique hook has moments of chromaticism which make your head spin (in a good way) and it makes you feel that illusion of going back in time. What is so special about this song is it's so carefully constructed and crafted in a genius way. It takes your mind to a whole new place where you're entire body can feel the music.

As mentioned above, this particular collaboration off of Matthew Parker's Young Pop Renegades Vol. II was between Nitro X, Mykyl and Logan Martin. Nitro X won 2nd place Matthew Parker's Remix Contest in 2019 and has collaborated with him multiple times since then. Nitro X is a producer who impressively has 35,000 Spotify monthly listeners at the current young age of 17. Mykyl is an artist who has been writing and producing since 2020 and has not stopped releasing music since. He now has almost 300,000 Spotify monthly listeners. Logan Martin is a young Florida based singer/songwriter and producer who released his first official single, Let's Go, in 2021 and now has over 60,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Each of these artists are featured multiple times on Young Pop Renegades Vol. II - click here to listen to the full album!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole





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