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  • Megan Cao

Review: "not over getting over you" - Brooke Stilla

“not over getting over you” is a sweet ballad about the aftermath of a breakup. After breakups, it’s tough to go out into the world. All of the reassurance, the love, all of it is now gone. It’s always hard and you always want to pretend that everything is fine when everything is the furthest thing from fine. And when your ex-partner seems to have forgotten about you and moved on, that just makes your own attachment to them feel even worse, because you’re still caught up in your feelings when the other party in the relationship isn’t.

Brooke Stilla uses a sentimental tone to convey her sadness about not getting over a breakup. She uses a wide variety of rhythms and sounds to add different textures to the music, popping textures, smooth textures, and a mixture of the two to make something different, not just the typical after a breakup song. The almost floaty natures is akin to how out of your own mind you get after a breakup, using everything and anything to take your mind off the one thing you can’t stop thinking about.

Brooke Stilla is an Australian singer-songwriter who’s bold, sweet, and full of spice. Her zingy pop melodies combined with the soul of R&B, Stilla writes vulnerable lyrics and uses her sweet, rich, and raspy vocals to bring life to the narratives that she’s experienced. Using her personal experiences with self-love, mental health, heartbreak, and empowerment, she engages an audience with her charisma, attitude, and poise. After making her debut on The X Factor Australia, Brooke has shared the stage with artists like Mel B, Throttle, and Eskimo Joe. Brooke Stilla has hardly just begun, and her latest single is just a taste of all that’s to come.

Written By Megan Cao



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