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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Not Yet" - Andreas Moe

Andreas Moe has returned from his brief hiatus to release his latest single “Not Yet”. Floaty and uplifting, “Not Yet” is a stark refusal to accept that this is the journey’s end– there’s so much more to give, to experience, and live. It’s the belief that there’s always something around the next corner or bend, and holding on long enough to see whatever else the world has to offer you; of course, it’s not always easy to keep going, but it’s important to realize everything you’ve achieved to bolster your resolve, encouraging yourself up to take that next step into the unknown horizon. Ever-hopeful, “Not Yet” is a dedication to the present moment while looking forward to what the future may hold.

What you’re going to immediately notice about “Not Yet” are Andreas Moe’s vocals. The track’s instrumentals remain fairly understated in the first verse, which really lets the vocals come through to take center stage– and what awesome vocals they are, crystal clear and evocative. Once the chorus comes around, the strings and percussion ramp up as Andreas Moe sings, “I’m not dead / I’ve got a hell a lot more to give”. I found it rather poetic how each verse details the struggles we might have in life, in balancing the stress and bad days, but each time the chorus always comes with its high-energy lyrics. Even more so, the track ends with the chorus fading out, the lines repeating, “Not dead, not dead yet”. What “Not Yet” does superbly is illustrate the downs of life while simultaneously showcasing that we’re not dead just yet, so we’ve always got something to give, tying that message together with uplifting instrumentals and smooth vocals.

Five-time platinum-certified singer-songwriter Andreas Moe is an internationally acclaimed artist whose music has garnered millions upon millions of streams throughout his career; he’s collaborated with artists such as Avicii, Seeb, Armin Van Buuren, and Tiesto, and has also opened for John Mayer’s “The Search for Everything” tour in Europe. His debut release was an EP entitled “Collecting Sunlight” in 2012, which was then followed the next year with his debut single “This Year (As We Go)” in collaboration with Wyte Labl. 2015 saw his first album “Before the Rumble Comes” to great success, with the song “Ocean” having over 15 million streams on Spotify to date. “Not Yet” is actually the first single from Andreas Moe’s upcoming EP, which is slated to release early this summer; if you enjoyed “Not Yet”, drop him a follow and check out his discography while we patiently wait for summer to come with his next EP!

Written By Alexa Leung



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