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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Now That You Know Me" - Liv Nicholson

Liv Nicholson has just released the title track to her second EP, “Now That You Know Me.” Grungy, angsty, and full of pent-up energy, “Now That You Know Me” tells that classic story about a person getting to know you, only to have that looming idea over your head that, once they truly know you, they’re going to leave you in the dust. When it’s happened to you enough times, you learn to anticipate it; with Nicholson’s latest release, it does the same. With all that anger simmering in the song, the power behind its lyrics is palpable, as well as its catchiness. Everything about "Now That You Know Me" is full-on high-energy, ramped-up pop.

“Now That You Know Me” has that time-honored angry pop vibe– whenever I think back on my favorite loud, scream-worthy pop songs, they always consist of an awesome chorus, punchy percussion, and passionate vocals. “Now That You Know Me” has exactly that and more; the instrumentals are powerful, directing the song’s tone perfectly. The percussion and strings tend to follow a mellower tone during the verses, but go hard during the chorus– they’re explosive, fiery. When compounded with Nicholson’s vocals, intense and fervid, the entire song simply comes alive with her voice. Not to mention the lyrics, which take on an entirely different meaning every time they circle around; depending on how Nicholson sings, they oscillate between stormy and tentative. Especially with the line “Are you gonna up and leave/Now that you know me?”, this question can either be something shouted in the heat-of-the-moment or brought up in a more intimate, nervous setting. The malleable nature of this phrase captures the essence of uncertainty that "Now That You Know Me" shoots for perfectly.

Nashville-based pop-rock artist Liv Nicholson is passionate about all things songwriting. She discovered this love for writing and performing music after she moved to Nashville from New York, enjoying the way good music is able to bring together and connect people from all walks of life. Nicholson’s music is both personal and relatable– she seeks to pair these traits with fun and upbeat instrumentals, creating the perfect kind of cathartic pop songs. Likewise, she’s inspired by artists who make similar music, such as Miley Cyrus, Olivia Rodrigo, and Taylor Swift. Since graduating from the Belmont University Songwriting Program back in 2019, Nicholson has surrounded herself with songwriting, truly coming into her artistry. “Now That You Know Me” is her most recent release and is the title track of her second EP– a definite listen for anyone who loves that feel-good type of music, perfect for singing aloud. And, let’s be honest: that’s everyone.

Written By Alexa Leung



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