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  • Liam Dun

Review: "October's Ghost 2.0" - Angel Lane

Moving on sucks, plain and simple. Regardless of the past being left behind, it can be daunting and even painful to walk away from a stage of your life, and to begin a new chapter. The feeling of starting over is a universal one as we leave people and places in the dust, and watch them turn from integral parts of us into memories, however there is always a sense of hope that the pain we are putting ourselves through now will yield a better, happier future. It is this bittersweet reality that Angel Lane must come to grips with in her latest single “October’s Ghost 2.0.” As she mourns the imminent death of a relationship, Angel’s head is swarmed by a multitude of conflicting desires. Knowing she must leave, but searching for a reason to stay. Memories of the powerful, intoxicating feeling of when the relationship was new, and how that feeling has deteriorated as the relationship progressed, and how those happy memories have been tainted by ones of heartbreak . Despite any lingering inclinations to remain in the safety of a familiar place, Lane knows her time to move on has come: “October’s gone, and I am moving on.” Her resignation to move forward breaks the spell of the past, but those memories will always survive as a haunting reminder of the life from which she walked away. Wherever Lane goes, October’s Ghost (2.0) will always follow.

“October’s Ghost 2.0” makes itself perfectly comfortable in the power ballad niche. Lane’s melancholy heartache is unmistakable in her lyrics, and the instrumental perfectly encompasses the pain she is feeling. The soft, rhythmic piano evokes both the hope and sadness Lane must endure, while also providing the space for her voice, with all its raw emotion, to shine. When the first percussive elements enter, the imagery of the instrumental instantly shifts from desolation to confidence. A dense loop of snaps, claps, kick drums, and vocal samples immediately give the song motion, almost willing Lane out the door and into her new life. As the chorus kicks into gear, the piano and drums are replaced by a driving, distorted guitar and swathes of Lane’s vocal harmonies. A fitting addition as Lane is both emotionally and musically supporting herself without being reliant on others.

Angel Lane is still very much at the outset of her musical career. However, her portfolio continues to grow, releasing numerous singles and lending her voice to techno and dance producers. Lane has refused to let herself become repetitive, with each of her personal releases taking on a distinct and new corner of the pop world, with vastly different tempos, subject matter, and overall feel. Angel’s versatility and talent make her a promising up and coming name, with the possibility to conquer whatever facet of the music world she chooses to pursue.

Written By Liam Dun



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