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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "OK" - Mashville

Mental Health is a hot topic in musical spaces. Creating music that speaks to people is a lot of the time musician's goal and Mashville is no different. Dropping their track OK during mental health awareness month was a perfect way to show their stance on the issue. This track covers some hard topics. It understands something a lot of pop tracks don’t. That sometimes it's ok to not be OK. Instead of trying to fix them the best thing to do sometimes is just offer support. Nova Chez offers her sweet vocals in this pertinent song.

Nova Chez is one of five in the collective that is known as Mashville. Her vocals are sweet and maintain the poignant yet hopeful soundscape the instrumental pushes forward. This track seeks to reduce the stigma around mental health. Something extremely important to the group. Nova urges on this track that it is perfectly fine to be ok and to check in with your loved ones when you're ready to talk about it. Mental health is a constant battle but it can be fought better with support from loved ones. The instrumental adds to this with its gentle guitar and pulsing bass. Bold and hopeful production and Nova’s impressive lead vocal performance make for an impactful and hopeful track.

Mashville is an artist collective that features five amazingly talented vocalists. Each vocalist brings something unique to the group that challenges the collective's understanding of music. Mashville allows them to stand out on their own amongst the collective with featured songs. Their goal is to explore new sounds and reinvent what it means to create music with a group. Having each vocalist showcase their voice in a new track creates a supportive space. Mashville writes songs that speak to each member and their fans. They have been releasing music since 2022 and don’t plan on stopping with music coming out this year.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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