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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "okay, not okay" - Liv Romano

We live in a reality taken over by social media, and it's more complicated than ever to tell what's fake from what's real-- but this isn't just online; it's everywhere. It isn't easy to share who you are and what you feel because it's tempting to spare others' feelings and tell them what they want to hear. This isolates us from our authentic selves, especially in the eyes of people we care about. Romano knows that this isn't just her, and with her debut single, "okay, not okay" she dives headfirst into this idea, telling listeners that "I'm alone like you/in a crowded room/been to every party, lie and say they're okay too".

"okay, not okay" is truly a song to get lost in. With a muffled electronic sound and melodic beat, this track transports you to a room where it's just you and your thoughts, the song filling in the gaps and vibrating through your mind. While it is effortlessly catchy, Romano talks about things that are hard to hear and even harder to share. The world prioritizes authenticity nowadays, as seen through her words, "I just wish someone would be honest with me/honestly, it all seems fake" but to let all of your walls down and let go of what you're feeling is more complicated than one would think.

Currently based in Los Angeles, California, Liv Romano makes her start by giving us "okay, not okay". But even before releasing her first single, Romano has been ahead of the game--sharing her songwriting and release journey through her social media. Her debut single, "okay, not okay" was released on June 30th, and with it, the Florida-born singer/songwriter garners fans that are already patiently awaiting more stunning tracks.

Written By Jane Katryn


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