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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Old Ways" - Lucy McWilliams

This song, “Old Ways” by Lucy McWilliams, is a soft yet intense ballad-type song all about change. Whether that’s change in your surroundings, in your relationships, or just in yourself, this song is a perfect representation of how scary that can be and how messy it can be to move on from something that you’ve grown so used to. With lyrics like “you said you like the old me, stuck up in your old ways” and “I’ve always done my own thing, waiting for nobody to tell me what I’m all about”, Lucy McWilliams emphasizes in this song that the only one who can tell you how to change and who to be is yourself. Growth is a deeply personal thing, and it’s never the same for anyone. We’re all unique people, and we all have our own journeys to complete.

“Old Ways” by Lucy McWilliams creates a perfect sonic balance between soft, melodic vocals, and hard hitting percussion, piecing together contradictions in a way that grabs the listener and never lets them go. Starting off with those soft vocals, backed only by intermittent chords, this song lures you in with its hazy melody before suddenly picking up the pace as you hit the chorus. That’s when the percussion comes in, ramping up the intensity and grabbing your attention before dropping back down for the second verse while keeping an undercurrent of tension that wasn’t there in the beginning. The chorus repeats and then all the tension built up so far breaks in the bridge, before drawing to a close with a return of the softer vocals. Overall, this song manages to create a whole world in the three minutes it fills, the ever shifting intensity never letting you go once it has you. And I know I never want it to.

Lucy McWilliams is a rising star singer-songwriter who hails from Dublin, Ireland. Over the course of her music career, she’s gathered an impressive number of fans, with over sixteen million streams on Spotify alone, through her honest and deep storytelling and her melodious voice. Dipping into many different genres, such as R&B, acoustic pop, indie, and rom-com style rock, Lucy McWilliams has already demonstrated her expansive musical talent through her singles, and will continue to on her upcoming EP, Third Second Chance. On this EP, she’ll be collaborating with Zack Dawes, who’s worked with other artists such as Lana Del Rey and The Last Shadow Puppets. Already, she has tour and festival dates booked, supporting other artists and headlining with her own music. Use the links below to check out those dates and listen to more of her music!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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