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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "older" - Isabel LaRosa

This song, “older” by Isabel LaRosa, perfectly encapsulates what it can be like to feel older than you are and to want others to treat you that way too. Coming-of-age stories are popular for a reason, because every single one of us has gone through that phase of discovering who you are and what your place among your peers is. In this song, LaRosa puts into music how your first experiences with heartbreak and infatuation can feel, and how you can crave someone who you think is more on your level than guys your own age. As she sings - “guys my age just aren’t the same.” But this song also illustrates the vulnerability of those years, and how despite being told that you’re “wise beyond my years,” as LaRosa sings, you’re still young and you have growing up to do.

“Older” is an addictive alt-pop song that draws you in with its sultry sound and heavy instrumentals. Simple but poignant lyrics pair with the track perfectly, tying in the meaning of the song with its danceability and its passion. Right from the beginning, you’re hit with a thick electronic sound, hitting deep into your bones as LaRosa croons out the name of the song with the lyric “Think I need someone older, just a little bit colder.” This intro leads into this first verse, with a hard hitting beat taking the backseat to LaRosa’s alluring voice, demonstrating her signature sound. This pattern repeats as we come to the first chorus, with the melody coming to the forefront again before slowing down for the second verse. This back and forth creates the perfect balance for the song, building a brilliant lead up to the explosive bridge. And then the song cleverly falls back down to a sultry quiet right after the bridge, you’re left hanging on the edge of your seat before LaRose goes back into the chorus one more time. Altogether, "older" is pieced together effortlessly, drawing you in and making you immediately press play again!

Isabel LaRosa is a pop musician from Annapolis, Maryland. Having grown up surrounded by music, with her dad taking her to mic nights and jazz clubs, playing the saxophone while her brother played the guitar, LaRosa took up her own place in the musical family by starting to write songs starting all the way back in elementary school. Her sound covers lots of areas of pop music, from bedroom electro-pop to hyper-pop to indie pop and beyond. She continues to collaborate solely with her brother, the producer Thomas LaRosa, and they love to make music that encapsulates scenes and atmospheres, with visuals inspired by horror films and tv shows such as Stranger Things and Get Out. With several breakout hits and hundreds of thousands of streams, she was recently selected to be one of the first ever members of TikTok’s Elevate program and will be touring with artist Tom Odell in the upcoming months. Check out the links below to hear more of her amazing music!

Written By Morgan Fischer



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