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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "On My Mind" - Brenden David

There's a lot to learn with relationships from their favorite color, their little habits, and everything that makes them, them. We fall in love with those tiny facts, and somehow, they ingrain themselves into our heads until they take up more space than we allow them to. But with this comes a potential breakup, and everything you know about this person becomes useless. Then there's a startling realization that the information may never leave your head. With Brenden David's newest single, "On My Mind" we're brought along on this journey of moving on, and we can see how this breakup denial turns into sarcastic acceptance.

If there's one thing I love about music, it's the way it can tell a story, and one of my favorite ways this is shown is through slow-building realization. "On My Mind" by Brenden David does just this--he starts by stating, "I can fill a library/with what I know of you", followed by examples that float off the top of his head, telling of how hard it is to forget everything after a breakup. Then we get to the chorus, and we hear David singing about how he's not still thinking of them, but it goes painfully detailed about them. We can listen to how what first sounded like denial turned to sarcasm in this way, our realization that he's aware that this isn't moving on. He does all of this in a catchy classic pop track, including a dance-y whistle hook and upbeat 80s sound--dragging us into this adventure and driving us deeper into the idea that he's not over them.

Brenden David is a singer/songwriter with a classic pop vibe. Taking inspiration from many places, David aims to bring our minds there, painting pictures by creating music to touch on our emotions. Florida-born but Tennessee-raised, Brenden David sets meaningful lyrics to alternative contemporary instrumentations and garners groups of fans ready to sing along to each of his tracks. With "On My Mind", David releases his 7th track on Spotify and shows us exactly why we should be eager for more.

Written by Jane Katryn



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