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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "One More Night" - Only The Poets

The latest single from the UK-based band, Only The Poets, is an immediate blast of shimmering wind. Combining their alt-pop style with fluorescent synths and dancefloor groove, "One More Night" is an arena-filling ode to the nights that felt endless and euphoric. Frontman Tommy Longhurst delivers the chorus with a show-stopping howl, bringing his characteristic rasp to its limits. The instrumentation reverberates into a massive wall of noise, all energized by the dance-pop drum machine. The pure energy bolstering the four-piece's kinetic sound demonstrates why they've become one of the biggest emerging live acts in the UK. "One More Night" recreates the rush of past, hedonistic nights with such authenticity, it becomes a celebration of unforgettable moments.

The reality, as Only The Poets subtly suggest, is that these times gone-by have a temporary lifespan for a reason. "Where I found my purpose getting drunk all night," Longhurst remarks of them. They're not entirely critical or celebratory of these summer nights of indulgence, but they're keenly aware of why they feel locked in the past. Those nights when "the sun don't rise" are elusive and memorable for their removal from past and future. On those nights, the only thing that feels real is those moments, those drinks, those parties. As he repeats the call for "One More Night," the greatest and most painful part is that they can never be replicated. But new and exciting nights are sure to follow (especially with their upcoming EU tour).

Even in their studio recordings, Only The Poets capture the spirit of their live performances, demonstrating why they're a must see act. Until the beginning of 2023, the four-piece band remained unsigned as they emerged to notoriety in the UK live scene. Releasing a collection of demos in 2021, the band would go on to capture audiences attention with their 2022 debut EP, Our Time. 2023 saw Only The Poets' meteoric rise, playing over 50 shows across 10 different countries and selling out their UK headline tour. They have just begun their 'One More Night' European Tour in Paris and will continue through April across 22 dates.

Written By Andy M.

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