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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Ordinary" - Rye Catchers

“Ordinary” is a seductive summer pop song about doing ordinary things with the one you like. While the world has put emphasis on huge and extravagant romantic dinners and outings, sometimes, the most fun is when you’re doing ordinary things together, like watching “Netflix until it’s 3”, doing laundry, or just lounging around. The song emphasizes how you need to be present in your own life; otherwise, how can you experience it?

Besides the infectious hook and impressive production, the spotlight on this track shines on its ambiance The seductive visuals in the music video, the way singer Nekane’s voices shift from smokey to seductive, and the general assembling of wispy background vocals together with pulsing electropop. This whole song serves a very specific seductive atmosphere as lead singer Nekane looks to seduce her audience into ordinary life with her.

Rye Catchers is the dynamic and ever-evolving amalgamation of unique talents across the United States and abroad complied by songwriter and producer David McClintick Robers. With this song, Rye Catchers worked with Spanish songstress Nekane and Nigerian DJ duo Maze X Mxtreme. Though they generally have an electropop focus, Rye Catchers has also branched out into EDM and lo-fi/chillhop. It’s exciting to see the new avenues that Rye Catchers runs through as they work with such diverse artists.

Written By Megan Cao



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